Saturday, October 9, 2010

Day 1 Here, Day 22 Since I Started This Journey.

Well, here I am! This is Day 1 here on this blog, but actually Day 22 for me.

My weight loss journey began on Sept. 18, 2010. At that time I was at 228 lbs. I have no idea in those 3 weeks what I've lost because of the nature of my job. Maybe I should explain...I am a truck driver. I drive team with my husband, and we stay out on the road for weeks, sometimes a month or two at a time before we ever go back home, so I don't always have access to a scale. Really not too sure what clicked to make me do this. I guess I just finally had enough of the downward spiral. I got tired of always being so moody and irritable, not to mention sick of my back, knees, and it seems like everything else hurting.

So that has kinda brought you up to what's going on with me. In the past 3 weeks I have been watching what I eat, although that can be hard sometimes because of us being out here on the road. We have a cooler, no refrigerator or freezer here, so I am limited with space and what I can carry with us. I've just been really cautious with what I put into my mouth, and try to make better choices.

I've also been really dedicated to getting my exercise in each day. I've made Saturday my day off, but every other day I have been going out walking & maybe some jogging if I'm able. Like I said I'm limited with space, so I have to work with what I've got or can go out and do. Some days have been more of a challenge then others to find somewhere I'd like to walk. I know you can walk anywhere, but I prefer a little scenery, and not feeling like I've got a thousand other truck driver's sitting in the cabs of their trucks staring at me while I do this. So, I've taken myself away from that by trying to find other places. This isn't always an easy thing to do, but I've made it work so far.

One day, I believe last Friday I ended up jumping rope for 30 min. on & off, and I tell you what, I was so sore for the two days after that it wasn't even funny. I felt like I had done a serious ab workout. Never underestimate the power of the jump rope!!!

I'm planning on when we are able to get back home to bring some weights out with me so I can use those rather than just relying on walking/jogging. That will help, especially on the days when it's raining or just too cold to get out, as that time of the year is just about here.

I'm excited to continue on this journey and share this with others, and hopefully get some motivation out of it for myself too! I'm looking forward to what comes from this.

To A Healthier Happier Life!


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